For years people told me to frame my book covers but it wasn't until I met Rick and Roxanne O'Neal at a craft fair that I found the perfect way to do it. I had never seen anything like what these two talented quillers do--their work is incredibly detailed and beautiful. When I was looking at their work they told me that they can create unique borders for invitation, photos and more. So I asked them if they could do the same for book covers. The results have been astounding. While I initially gave them three of my book covers to decorate, mount and frame, I soon gave them more. I currently have seven of my covers enhanced with their original paper art and I plan to give them more, including a poster from my first major book signing. These covers are just incredible and are my pride and joy. I have a wall in my home office devoted to displaying them and when visitors come they always stop, examine each one and then gush about how special they are. I left everything from color choice to style to Rick and Roxanne and I couldn't be happier with the result. They took such care with each piece, in their color selection and flower design. Each one is unique, beautiful and the border enhances the color and style of the cover. These are true artists and they offer something special, done with great care. I enthusiastically recommend their work.

Patricia Leavy  PhD.  www.patricialeavy.com

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